Why Ignorant Black Supremacists Hate Responsible White Racists: And That Means YOU Nigger!

A Woman in Texas says that a person who appears to support Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney vandalized her pro-Obama yard sign with racist and vulgar language.

Cassy, a 34-year-old white business owner in McKinney, Texas, revealed on Friday that someone had covered her Obama yard sign with the message: “N*GGER LOVER — Obama Sucks Dick!”

The back side of the sign was covered with, “Romney & Ryan: Christian. White. Anti-Gay. Republicans Rule!”

“My next door neighbor rang my doorbell this morning and showed me my sign, which he had kindly removed from the ground,” Cassy told blogger Egberto Willies. “We have at least 4 African American families living on this street. I’m so offended, not just because whoever did this is ignorant and misinformed and trespassed and vandalized my sign, but infinitely more for my neighbors who might have driven by and seen it.”


11 Responses to Why Ignorant Black Supremacists Hate Responsible White Racists: And That Means YOU Nigger!

  1. Uhhhhhhh, this is obviously drawn on with MS paint………

  2. uglyamerica says:

    That’s the point!

  3. Plutosport Rabatt Januar…

    […]Why Ignorant Black Supremacists Hate Responsible White Racists: And That Means YOU Nigger! « Uglyamerica’s Blog[…]…

  4. charlene says:

    Ignorant black supremacists?! Responsible white racist?! How is a racist responsible no matter what color they are? You are an ignorant racist that doesn’t like black people who actually like being black and don’t allow racists to dictate their love for themselves! You are a fool! Black is beautiful, if you didn’t know now you you do!

  5. charlene says:

    your end is near you ignorant fools! You know the lies you are spreading are outrageous and you’re just jealous of all black people!

  6. uglyamerica says:

    black people who actually like being black

    LOL! That’s funny


  7. Disgusted Caucasian says:

    I see that my favorite DAWN is back. Yup..you got me Charlene boon…I’m really jealous of all you niggers. The culture you have created has taken the world by storm. The medical advancements you apes have made save millions of lives per year. Your contributions to engineering, arts and science can never be properly estimated.

    Yup…Rome, Europe and the United States would never have been built without the technical genius provided by the black super race.

  8. White Power says:

    First of all-I love the fact that I can google “I hate black men” and this blog popped up! There are so many things wrong in this society regarding black people and it’s getting out of control. Why should we give these subhuman apes any rights at all? They destroy everything they touch. Give them low rent housing projects-they destroy it. Those apts could be filled with responsible working white people. Give these lazy fucks welfare and food stamps-they then smoke weed all day-drink 40’s and do nothing to better themselves. Nothing. Black men are the scum of the earth. Who fills up all of the prisons in this country? Gee I wonder. Who are dumb enough to call themselves “nigga” and butcher the English language with their “ebonics?” Hmmm..Who appears the most on the national sex offender registry? Minorities! Yay! But sure-give these filthy pigs “riights” as human beings? Please…

  9. SSNAZIGIRL says:

    NEGROES. Niggers. “Knee groes.” These my friends are “forbidden” words now. Why? Niggers haven’t changed or evolved at all. All of them are always looking for handouts. From the nigger begging for money on the train to the filthy dog-abusing-wife beating-shit drug dealing-ebonics talkin’ project dweller-they are a tremendous waste of space and should be put out of their misery. I hate them all. Black nigger men are always coming on to me. Now what would a fab Aryan woman want with a lowdown dirty no job having welfare and food stamp grubbing fucking nigger!? I really really hate them! They all belong in prison and they ARE EVIL. They do no good in this world. They’re destroying it as we speak. I write the truth and you jiggaboo fucking nigger fucks know it! Leave us divine white women alone!!The day I date you is the day that I become president. Yeah-they want Muslimes named”Hussein” and niggers to be president now. Yippee! Muslims suck too. Fuck your Allah and your misogynistic “religion” anyways.

  10. pist white says:

    Im not nazi but that woman knows her niggers as good as I Know niggers

  11. pist white says:

    Niggers are subhuman shit smelling foul animals.

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