With Brother Trayvon, Obama’s Newest Son Rollin Oliver is Finest Member to Ever Expanding Family!

7 Responses to With Brother Trayvon, Obama’s Newest Son Rollin Oliver is Finest Member to Ever Expanding Family!

  1. get-gowater softener…

    […]With Brother Trayvon, Obama’s Newest Son Rollin Oliver is Finest Member to Ever Expanding Family! « Uglyamerica’s Blog[…]…

  2. I hope you read this. You are the scum of the earth. A worthless piece of shit. I have no idea how I got on your blog, but the stuff I see on here is awful. You probably have no money and want to blame all of your pathetic horrible life choices on blacks and latinos. Personally, I think you’re a pussy. You probably spend a lot of your time writing on here and to be honest, its all wasted. You’re trailer trash. You’re not smart. You live as an outcast in society and you should be banned from conceiving offspring. Remember that Candadian WHITE gay porn actor who cut up his partners body and has been sending them all over the world? And you think black people are the only ones with a problem. Get a fucking degree and learn something. I’m a black 22 year old and just served your racist bitch ass. Think of something to come back with and try me. I stand by my assumption of you being a pussy.

  3. dr says:

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  4. Disgusted Caucasian says:

    Great post Dr nigger…you have mastered the king’s English in such a way that I have never seen before. You niggers are the sole reason that American school test scores are so low. There should be a separate category for animals when testing is done so as not to lower the average scores of the human students.

  5. dr says:

    bitch ass pussy i graduated and got my MASTERS bitch i probably teach your dumb ass kids we came way to far in history for your dumb ass to be on here talking about some crazy shit grow your dumb up

  6. Disgusted Caucasian says:

    In order for you to obtain a masters degree Dr. nigger, you would have to have mastered the English language. Your statement above is a run on sentence with no punctuation or capitalization. An English teacher would have a heart attack reading your rant. You communicate in street jive just like all the other niggers because it’s a lazy, bastardized version of English. Proper English is so alien to you apes that I notice that when you try to speak it, you usually burn off 200 calories per sentence. There is no doubt that you are just a vile street nigger with no diploma. If you do have a diploma, I’m sure it was issued by a witch doctor.

  7. sa_vapor says:

    Best part of all this is I am the MIGHTY WHITEY and have my own business and fuck you guys. Keep on buying my old mercedes and “representin in da hood”. I fuck you and you don’t even know it……turn down your loans, fire you, repossess your cars, foreclose on your shantys….

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