This is why a lot of White Nationalists do not like you Christians who claim Jesus “embraced diversity”

In the bible, even Jesus said to a non-Israelite woman wanting healed “i have not came for you but for the lost sheep of Israel!”…even Jesus was “racist” (not a bad thing). God/Jesus condoned slavery.

But, somehow, Christians seem to miss this fact and now preach messages of “multi-culturalism” and fighting “racism” somehow thinking that Jesus wouldnt like it. They need to read their bible more. But, since a lot of the “councils of churches” are infiltrated by members of the jewish race, it is not surprising to see this in their new messages.

I dont care if you are a “Christian” or whatever religion, but if you are against our race, you are no longer an ally and i/we have to view you as an enemy.

“Christians” (MOST) are not going to be our allies due to miss-information by “preachers”.

Just a real world example ive found of how most of our race is going to be the enemy unfortunately.

9 Responses to This is why a lot of White Nationalists do not like you Christians who claim Jesus “embraced diversity”

  1. Adolph Lives says:

    Atheists are all faggots and Jews. Move to Siberia, you godless piece of shit.

  2. Disgusted Caucasion says:

    I’m on board with this philosophy. Just look how “Christian Identity” divides racial nationalists. Religion has no place in the White Nationalist movement. It’s just filled with those preacher types that have no church and want to tell everyone how to live their lives…just like the preacher types in the kosher conservative world. It’s a CANCER!

  3. Divinebeauty says:

    Lol. You are completely insane and quite entertaining. You must be obsessed with and love African Americans the way you rant and rave about them. How much time do you spend studying us anyway…sure looks like ALL your time is spent obsessing about us. I love all God’s people, not just the brown ones. Maybe you should to before judgement day. Have a blessed day and a happy Easter!

  4. says:

    God bless you my friend.

  5. uglyamerica says:

    The problem is, as stated before, blacks are NOT human!

    A lot of humans and non humans continue to make the mistake of thinking that blacks are humans. But just like parrots can mimic human words and gorillas can mimic human behavior – so are the blacks.

  6. Gregory S. says:

    I am a devout Christian, but even I understand that the Negroid is not human. Zionist Jews have infiltrated the churches and have spread their filthy race mixing ideas. Most Christians today are lukewarm and carnal. Niggers are the concoction of Satan himself. Think about it, they are the colour of evil, hideously ugly, murderers, thieves, moochers, and liars. The true Christian Bible in English is either the King James Bible or the 1599 Geneva Bible.

    Niggers are the beasts of the field in the Bible. They carry the mark of cain. Figure it out, the beast is the devil’s creature of the book of Revelation; so the “mark” of the beast and the mark of Cain could be one and the same here; this is my personal conjecture but it makes you think!!

  7. Jeffstarrunner says:

    You left out the part where Jesus told that same woman- “oh woman, great is thy faith” and healed her daughter. Just as the Devil tempted Jesus using scripture this article is tempting people to hate using scripture.

  8. […] This is why a lot of White Nationalists do not like you Christians who claim Jesus “embraced dive… […]

  9. AAB says:

    “ was Nationalists who defended White Europe from invaders. Not Christians but Nationalists. Christians had no desire to help one another despite the pleas that were sent by Kings from the Balkans when the Muslim Turks were invading. Europe was defended by Stephen cel Mare of Moldavia, Vlad Tepes of Wallachia, Ivan the IV of Muscovy, Ferdinand of Spain, amongst others. These men were Nationalist Champions first and foremost. They faught for their kin, for their family. Nationalists were the ones who fended off the invaders, NOT Christians. Christianity has done nothing to give internal security, nor external security. It’s crap as a police force, and worse as a military force. It causes destruction of all those who believe it.”


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