Slavery? No. America’s Worst Sin? Bestowing “Civil Rights” upon an uncivilized segment of society.

I wouldn’t call slavery, White America’s worst sin, as I would call it more, our worst mistake. And considering that human beings were mankind’s first beasts of burden, and utilized by every race on this planet, slavery can hardly be thought of as an original sin of white people.

Slavery served it’s purpose and place in the rise, and fall, of many civilizations throughout world history, and our American civilization has been no different.

The fact that we still have blacks today, beating us over the head, with a social institution that ended almost a hundred and fifty years ago, only makes the case, that blacks have absolutely no desire to move forward, to meet our people half-way, and to co-exist with whites in peace in this country.

Our greatest sin, hasn’t been ‘slavery’, but rather, to have allowed our people to indulge in an unjustifiable ‘collective guilt’, that has defined our destiny as a people and a nation. Nationalist, have no desire to forget, or to deny history. But, niether should we allow ourselves to be enslaved because of an unfortunate period in our countries history, which in hindsight, was to the advantage of almost every living black in the U.S. today.

If there’s any ‘slavery’ that blacks should be concerned with today, it’s that bondage, empose upon by them by nature, which they can never fully escape, and that, in which white Americans can hardly be to blame!


46 Responses to Slavery? No. America’s Worst Sin? Bestowing “Civil Rights” upon an uncivilized segment of society.

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