“There Is A Reason We Call It The Holohoax,” by whitepride1965

A public presentation in Wausau by a man who claimed to have survived Auschwitz has been canceled as family members have come forward disputing the veracity of his story.

Gunther Skaletz was scheduled to speak publicly Tuesday evening at Wausau East High School, hosted by a Wausau group A Walk in Their Shows. In a statement Monday morning, the group said it could not verify or confirm allegations that Skaletz was lying, but that it was canceling the event due to a “cloud of controversy.”

Skaletz, who lives in Manitowoc and is a frequent speaker for schools, churches and other Wisconsin organizations, claimed in his book that he was sent to and later released from the Nazi death camp Auschwitz, conscripted by the German army and forced to fight the Soviets on the Western Front, then captured and sent to a Russian work camp, from which he escaped.

In addition to the public event Tuesday, Skaletz was also scheduled to speak to classrooms today and tomorrow. Those events have also been canceled.

One Response to “There Is A Reason We Call It The Holohoax,” by whitepride1965

  1. anne gebgardt says:

    in my oppinion its a shame that people like Gunter Skaletz tells blatant lies about being in the German Army, a POW, captured by the Russians, sent to a death camp, then to Siberia for hard labor all during the time that he was working at a dance LOCAL aka Disco type estabishment, where he and his sister that he writes about would dance and that is were he met his first wife, Annaliesel Prast, who he got enged to in 1946, and married in 3-13-1948, had a son born July 21, 1948. When his own sister as prof from the German Department of Records that Skaletz was never in the German Army, Skaletz does not like the fct that his oldest daughter is getting the word out that he is nothing but a liar, a schemer and this is all about his bottom line. it does however take away from the real individuals thathave gone through some terrible things in life. skaletz should be ashamed of himself for hawking this VERSCHEISSENNESS BOOK, ( sh-t) book! it was about time that a newspaper listened to someone that knows the TRUE FACTS!!!! I am sure tht she will continue to contact all individuals. the real shame is that ” EDUCATED PEOPLE IN WSCONSIN” DO NOT SEEM TO KNOW THEIR HISTORICAL DATES, when you put the numbers together they simple do not add up, unless the old crack pot has a flippin time machine and can be in more places than one. Give the lady credit that she has the hutzpha to carry one. she has my vote. even though Skaletz is trying to stop her with a restraining order. Shame on him…he must have a bad feeling..you know what they say…THE TRUTH WILL ALL WAYS PREVAIL IN A COURT OF LAW!

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