I will not support Israel or more zionist wars in the Middle East & Who trained Balcks to hate Whites: The Jews.

This made me so angry I threw my keyboard across the room. Lucky I had a spare. I just did a Google search to learn a little more about her and found this (enough to make you vomit) in the search results: “Had Reparations Been Paid, Gina Stallis Would Still Be Alive.” There’s more but I’m not going to copy and paste it. All I’m going to say is that blacks have declared war on us and many are dismissing it as part of the Jewish affront. It’s not. Blacks hate us and think taking our property is legal and inspired by God. They have turned their reparations movement against us into a religion and believe they are given virgins in heaven like Islamic suicide bombers if they are killed in a “reparations protest” against us. They are teaching this. It is a direct affront against us and America. Blacks are not human. The only rights they have might be those of something like the SPCA or PETA.

Who trained Balcks to hate Whites, yes it is jews that have done this. Jews headed the black organizations such as the Naacp. And to hate Whites through the media for many years. Jews use blacks as part of their wars against Whites.

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5 Responses to I will not support Israel or more zionist wars in the Middle East & Who trained Balcks to hate Whites: The Jews.

  1. You suck says:

    i assume since your last post was march 1st someone’s taken you out by now… i’m suprised someone with thoughts as confused as yours figured out how to use a computer and post on the internet… congrats my man… you’re living in a complete fantasy world, out of touch with reality

  2. You suck says:

    by the way, this site is the stupidest shit i’ve ever encountered on the internet… that’s impressive!

  3. moron says:

    i guarantee 99.99 percent of ‘white’ people would prefer to be associated/related to/hang out with a ‘black’ person than in any way be associated with a pathetic waste of life like the maker of this website… fuck this idiot

  4. uchickenmotherfucker says:

    ho my god what a waste of white mind. how can u be this stupid?

  5. uchickenmotherfucker says:

    am certain you’re white and as a black man you’re making me hate white people more. u stupid mother fucker instead of teaching people hatred why don’t u teach peace and love if u want things to change. how can a stupid ass mother fucker like u quote the bible. the bible teaches to love one another even to love your enemies. please do not dear talk about GOD cuz u don’t know him. DICK HEAD……DON’T USE UR HEAD ONLY TO GROW HAIR ON WHITE TRASH

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