Michigan Militia ready to fight to keep their weapons; Are You Cowards Even Americans Anymore? (With Commentary by Mel Brooke

ROSE CITY, MI – A year into the Obama administration, some people are more worried than ever that private gun ownership is in jeopardy. Members of the Southeast Michigan Volunteer Militia are ready to fight to keep their weapons. …. .

It’s a Wednesday night in February, and 22 men and one woman are gathered at Mayberry’s Restaurant in Farmington Hills. They’re all Caucasian. Some are middle-aged, out of shape; others are in their twenties, and fit.

“Well, I feel like I can’t rely on our elected officials, I can’t rely on our military who works for our government, so bottom line is we have to have somebody to rely on,” he says.

“Well, I feel like I can’t rely on our elected officials, I can’t rely on our military who works for our government, so bottom line is we have to have somebody to rely on,” he says.

Only one potential new member shows up at the meeting. Jeff is in his early thirties, he has a wife and a new baby. He’s deeply distrustful of the government and he believes something is to about happen, probably the collapse of the American economy.

“Well, I feel like I can’t rely on our elected officials, I can’t rely on our military who works for our government, so bottom line is we have to have somebody to rely on,” he says. (Article)

Comments by Mel Brookes

When the government fears US we have liberty, when we fear the government, we have nothing.

We have an entire generation of mamas-boys who have no idea what it means to be masculine. What it means to be a man. Raised by single mothers who hate the man that got them pregnant, and disapeared on them. But they (women) have all the choices and yet they ystill choose poorly. These same women watch Oprah, who tells them that they can have a carreer and raise a child? I thought children were a carreer? At least this is how the greatest generation that ever lived on this continent saw it. Which is why the communists in power are working overtime to erase our national history. Right now there is a fight in Texas over the changes being made to the text books that will be handed to your children.


Go here and see the tip of that iceberg. regardless of your views of our history, if you want to change the direction of the country, change its history. And this is exactly what is happening. There is ONLY one reason to change history in the books. If you want to control the thoughts of the next generation of children, tell them we are bad people and always were from the start.

This is the direction we are being forced into. There will be bloodshed. And the inner cities will be doomed. Do you folks have any idea what you are saying?

This is the anarchy they want. We still run this nation. Vote no incumbents ever again. If we keep running them out of office they will NOT have the time to do stupid things. Run them out and keep voting them out! Every 2 years, and new face in the seat. Name recognition is what gets these idiots power, and we have forgotten that that same name recognition will vote them out of power. See the name, vote for the “other” guy. And then when you see Levin walking down the street, trip his @$$ spill his coffes on his lap when you walk by in a restaraunt, but make them as miserable as they have made us. No need to start shooting…..YET.

But there is not need to stop building your HOPE-NOT chest either, find ammo, get a way to make it, if you have to and purchase a black powder firearm combination. A pair that shoots the same caliber bullet. A .44 dragoon, and a Kentucky .44 rifle. They have amazing ballistics. Even for black powder and you do not need to register any of it. Pistol either. So unless you buy from a mega store, no one knows you have it. And no one has any business knowing anyway.


If you think this is nothing, prepare yourselves for the truth. If we (white folks) did this, spewed this kind of hatred, we would be arrested. This is exactly what I was saying about the history being changed. We were the country that fought a war to end slavery. The 14th amendment speaks to guns rights, in that it made it illegal to NOT sell firearms to former slaves! Yet this is being used to inflame the gun-grabbers when history of the gun has proven without it, there is truly no freedoms! And I wish I could provide you the name of the man who siad these words,

“If you cannot defend your freedoms, you have none, truly” And this was in the speech that helped win the 14th amendment, into the constitution!

Your ignorance of History, has done you more harm than outright racsim has!

I am willing to bet that none of you remember that the democratic party was founded to fight to the abolishionists.

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