Emmett Till: My Favorite Slave Lynchings

Emmett Till: My Favorite Slave Lynchings

What would you do if your dog made a pass at your wife or daughter?

Wolf WhistlingCertainly the outrage and anger you’d feel was the same that the decent folks in Money, Mississippi felt when they learned that a fourteen year old simian had whistled at 21-year-old human.

That fourteen year old simian was Emmett Till. The twenty one year old human he whistled at was Carolyn Bryant.

Listen. Black people are not human. They are homo erectus. Do a google image search and you’ll see that negros look like them and still live like them in much of the world. Even in civilization, they’ll drag society down to their homo erectus level.

So, the outrage at Emmett Till wolf whistling at a human being wasn’t out of line. Again, What would you do if your dog made a pass at your wife or daughter?


Negroes have very dark skin. God gave them dark skin so they could work outdoors all day. The high melanin content in Negro skin makes them immune from getting sunburnt by blocking harmful UV rays. Contrast this with Whites, who have light skin, who God has afforded the luxury of living and working indoors.
Negroes are physically robust. There is no doubt that Negroes have been blessed with superior athletic attributes. Their race is a strong, agile, hardy, and quick one. One needs to look no further to professional sports leagues where negroes dominate. God made them to be so physically powerful so they could work long hours for their White masters.
Negroes are sexually overactive. Statistics prove that negroes are much more sexually active than other races. Negro bucks seek to implant their seed in as many women as possible, giving rise to high illegitmate births in negro communities. Negresses also engage in sex with multiple partners, often having 6+ children each with a different father. God designed them to breed profusely so that White masters could always have a large amount of slaves available. It takes a lot of hands to work the field.
Negroes need White guidance. Look at any community/village/country that is majority Negro. It is infested with a myriad of problems. Rampant crime, fornication, drug abuse, abject poverty, starvation, etc. It is clear that Negroes cannot take care of themselves. God never thought to give them the sagacity to govern themselves since He intended White people to look after them.
Negroes are great dancers and singers. Nowadays people with exceptional dancing and singing talents become celebrities, but in the past those were roles for servants. Kings, lords, and masters had talented servants who could sing and dance and entertain them. God blessed the Negroes with rich voices and agile movements so they could entertain their White superiors.
The Negro diet is tailored to outdoor living. Negroes are very fond of food that is refreshing after a long day’s work. Watermelons and grape soda are good for cooling off after a long day in the fields. It is clear that God designed the negro for an outdoor life, which is reflected in their dietary preferences.
Negroes have lower IQs than Whites. It has been proven time and time again in scientific studies that Negroes rank lower than Whites on average. Negroes are severely underrepresented in any field which requires intense intellectual effort: The fine arts, the sciences, mathematics, engineering, business, theology, etc. God did not need to give them large brains because they were never intended to do this kind of work. This is the domain of White people, their masters.

33 Responses to Emmett Till: My Favorite Slave Lynchings

  1. alexus says:

    that was the most ignorant shit i have ever read in my life… and your going to burn in hell for what the fuck you wrote….

  2. hahahhaha says:

    God made you a fucking dunce… i’d love to see you try to speak to a brilliant black intellectual the likes of w.e.b. du bois about your theories… your views on the world are so twisted i don’t think you can even begin to see how things really work… you are one sorry motherfucker

  3. hahahhaha says:

    i just came across a blog in chinese that makes more sense than this crackpot piece of shit, and i don’t speak chinese

  4. moron says:

    one of the bizarre historical hypotheses in the post is that people who are famous for talents like singing today would have served as court jesters for kings in medieval times… the absurdity of that statement doesn’t need a response…

    i’ll argue that historically, poor ignorant fucks like the creator of this website have not had access to top of the line technology… this website shows that computers, the internet, and the ability to create websites have become accessible to the lowest, most ignorant segments of society (i’m assuming the creator is from a poor, isolated part of the south)… interesting… it’s also fascinating that the author can have the internet and still be so confused and uninformed… clearly its a self-selected world of knowledge out there, and the virtual world can’t make up for real-world isolation and lack of education…

  5. hahahhaha says:

    also, the dude who is telling us what god thinks, is celebrating one of the most gruesome terrorist murders of the 20th century of an innocent boy… dude definitely eats massive bowls of shit for breakfast

  6. no, seriously... says:

    The facts presented here are all wrong…niggers are a failed species that should have gone the way of the Dodo long ago, if not for the benevolence of misguided whites.

  7. Jenny says:

    White women have always been attracted to black men. Settle your young dogs down and grow bigger dicks, maybe then you can compete with the black man. White women are in heat and seem to be extremely horny and can’t wait to find a black man to take care of. Don’t be confused, we are stronger then you and certainly seasoned. You people smell like wet dogs, you don’t wash your ass, you eat funky foods and you love to eat chicken and watermelon ( outside your filthy trailers.

  8. kawaly says:

    Hello,thanks for the post. Infos are really usefull and saves me huge amount of time which I spend on something else instead of googling πŸ™‚ Thanks a lot!

  9. whome? says:

    i love Jenny

  10. tim says:

    Man this is some funny shit.You say black people are homo erectus – suggesting that you are knowledgeable towards the homo erectus species or at least of its basic origin. But when you put homo erectus and homo sapiens (modern day humans) living in the same time frame with each other, well… one would have to assume that you were a complete idiot.

    You say “God created it this way so that homo erectus or blacks can serve Humans which of course are white people?” WoW,most creation theories leave homo erectus out completly because it doesnt fit with how the bible says God created everything.

    I have to admit,im very impressed with the level of incompetence you have so clearly demonstrated here on so many different levels….

    Like i said at the beginning , This is some funny shit..I dont think we have to worry too much about the way people like you think. your pretty much doomed to extinction…..

    Oh by the way , im sure you have this vivid image of me in that complex brain of yours…well let me just say that being white and male is absolutely the only thing we have in common. Tim pennington from fort worth texas. Look me up jackass..

  11. tangela says:

    For this indescrepancy, The Most High shall visit a hideous plague upon you and your mouth shall be silenced until you have fully repented. This curse shall come thru one who promotes and agrees with your dim view of God and man.

  12. uglyamerica says:

    Niggers aren’t human, don’t have a God and can’t curse humans. Even the words you just tried to use you learned from us. If we hadn’t saved you from Africa, you’d still be shitting outdoors and eating bugs from sticks. It’s NOT our fault you’re not human and can’t appreciate yourselves for the 5th Day Beasts of the Field that God made you. So, when you take your weave out and let your natural naps curl and take off our beauty products, that beast that God made you is still there.


  13. Ray says:

    Negroes were NEVER intended to be in a civilized world,the IQ’s of a Negro male adult are about that of a white child 10 years old or 70. Look no further than Africa,no roads,no house other than primitive huts ready to fall in,no hospitals,yet africa is RICH in antural resources,Negroes can’t even feed theirselves even in todays world even in the US they live in Houses provided by Whites,Food stamps feed them,their violent nature is why their ‘Hoods” are ran down,crime is 30 times higher in Negroe areas,no commerce they have looted and robbed them out of business.Locks, Alarms,Dogs ALL make up Negroe areas,Negroes are at LEAST 150 years behind a white person and it probably will have to be bred out of them, Hard to tame Animals!. Facts are Facts!

  14. Truth says:

    Ok “High IQ, “Negroes can’t even feed theirselves” The correct grammar is ‘themselves’ genius…LOL

    This is Hilarious! Well at least in a few years we’ll be rid of you, from skin cancer because your fragile bodies can’t take the sun OR from the fact that the MAJORITY of White women enjoy ‘good sex’ (something that they can’t get from you.) and seek REAL Men with penises that can satisfy them…Besides, most of you White men are coming out of the closet more and more anyway which is another one of YOUR people’s “great natural attributes:Homosexuality (les we not forget Greece and the Roman Empire? lol)

    So hate “Niggers’ all you want trooper, we’ll all laugh about that when you’re extinct. LMAO!!!

  15. WTF.... says:

    I have never heard such ignorance in my life…I’m researching a project for work and come across this sick, repulsive way of thinking…matter of fact, this isn’t even included in “thinking”. You keep referring to the fact that African Americans are not humans – what planet are you from??? You are most certainly not from Earth, nor AMERICA. – The home of the FREE and the brave…it amazes me that people-stupid ones at that- still have an opinion about race like this. I guess this backs up the fact that opinions are assholes and everybody has one. But, this is some KKK b.s. Wow, your parents must be proud to know they have raised a closed minded, self loathing, discrimitive, judgemental, racist piece of shit.

  16. M says:

    I – too- was online conducting research and came across this mess. (To WTF) You are absolutely right. This sort of ignorance does not constitute or deserve to be categorized at “thinking”. I am a black woman, holding a higher learning degree, working on a second, member of Delta Epsilon Iota (for those idiots who don’t know, that’s an honor society), stay at home mom, house wife to an engineering executive (a black man) of a fortune 500 company who makes over 6 figures a year. Believe this, I am not the exception. I am one of many who comprise the rule. That rule is that black men and women are no different from any others. Sure you have some less mature, wayward individuals, but EVERY RACE HAS THOSE. For every picture you can find of a black person acting in an immature fashion, I assure you I currently have two of a white (hill billy) person doing the same. A SAMPLE DOES NOT REFLECT THE WHOLE. WHAT SWAMP DID YOU SCUM CRAWL OUT OF! You are not Americans. You constitute a “has been” group of nobodies that feel otherwise insignificant and threatened and that preys on the ignorance of those just like you! Now, I’m getting off this site because it’s a waist of my time.

  17. M says:

    You people are sick!!! You personify evil.

  18. M says:

    One more thing, my son (who’s home-schooled and is learning a 3rd language) is 10 years old. And he would (intellectually) put ALL OF YOU RETARDED BUTTS TO SHAME…even on your best day.


  19. Georges says:

    Whites are more promiscuous. People of many colors, Blacks/Yellows/Reds whatever these days have higher incidences of STD’s – only because many are not educated enough to know the dangers of sex, or because they are too poor to avoid sex work. And many of those remain poor because of the continued exploitation they endure from whites.



    Take a good look. On that list of the world’s most promiscuous countries, nearly of the first 15 are “white.” The only exception is Mexico, which, according the CIA factbook is 60% mestizo and 9% white – that’s still more white than anything else.

    Nothing against whites; I’m part white myself. I’m just saying – don’t make things up. It’s a free country, so go ahead and say you don’t like someone because of their skin color – but be honest that it’s merely your opinion, cause there are no facts to back it up.

  20. Missy says:

    Dumb Fucks …. God bless the trailer park you were raised in and the 1st cousins that parented your stupid asses … I just hope that you and your sister chose to abort your babies.

  21. Who ever wrote this is very dumb. You obviously are very ignorant and don’t know Black culture clearly. Black people are the true orignal Kings and Queens on this earth. We are a superior race and can out smart you any time or day of the week. We as a race of people where taught how to become violent we where taught how to kill and we sang songs to keep our mental balnce from the enslavement of our people. This is Wille Lynch all over again. We as a race did not create drugs nor do we pump them in our community. We are very intellectual people who gave produced scholars like Ben carson, Malcom X, Martin Luther KIng Jr. Booker T. Washington, Benjamin Baniker, 100 black lawyers, and Harriet Tubman, Sister Sojourner Truth. We are more than just sports and danceing and music. We are a true race who can outsmart anyone one who feels the need to deteriorate a race or a class of peole who are smart. Who ever wrote this is obviously is very slow and does not have any friends of color. Maybe you had a f up childhood and you need a hug because who ever taught you this is full of hate and need some mental help you don’t know us and you never will. Sleep on this and get back to me. sucker.

  22. James says:

    You keep dreaming Samantha. What color was Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Ben Franklin, the Wright brothers and all the other great inventors? Yeah, white! When white people came to Africa in their huge ships what did they find? Tribes doing nothing but shitting on themselves jumping up and down (dancing). What color of people were EVERY great empire? Rome, Greece, England, France, Russia, America, all created by white people. What are you doing right now? It was created by a white person. How do you get to work? It was created by a white person. When white people built great empires Africa was using bushes for clothes. Hell, still are some places. Look at Africa, it’s pure hell. And it has not changed, it looks the same as it did 1000 years ago. You have a good life here in America, why? Because you use white people. For the life of me I don’t why some white people want to have animal sex. And here is a pure fact, if white people die out then you WILL live like animals. And everything will go backwards. Reverse evolution.

  23. James says:

    And Jenny, some white women have animal sex, but most of them are desperate obese women. No beautiful clear minded white women would want an ape. Although some have mental disorders.

  24. Steve says:

    Finally a voice of reason! Emmett Till was not some kind of martyr – he was a bad kid. His father was executed for raping two Italian woman and raping a third during his WWII military service. Emmett Till would have been a life-long criminal in and out of prison if he had lived into adulthood. Obviously he didn’t deserve to die at age 14, but he was not some innocent kid like the blacks try to portray him as being.

  25. T says:

    This author of this article (as well as his “fans”) is nothing but dog-humping trailer trash. After posting this, he probably went back into the room to fuck his drunk sister and impregnate her for the third time, with his little balogna-smelling dick.

    LOL @ Jenny’s “wet dog” comment. πŸ˜›

  26. kingplots says:

    Most black people seem to be ashamed that thay are black and its the same as muslim people u say nigger or paki thay get so upset where if u say honky or anything racist to a white person thay laugh it of it dosent bother them like it will a black or asian person if some 1 called me ugly it wuldent hurt me because I no I’m not ugly but if some 1 made fun of my handwriting or my spelling it wuld hurt me and that’s coz I am a realy bad writer and speller so wen some one says blacks smell bad or ar stupid or ugly thay get so offended and that’s coz thay think its tru and thay put a front on to pretend thay love there race when its obvous that thay are verry ashamed of it just like asians and when I say asians I don’t meen china or japan I meen places like pakistan iran muslim contries I am black myself and I just needed to voice my opinion thanks for reading

  27. T says:

    “Most Black people seem to be ashamed that they are Black?” Um…what the hell would possess you to make such a ridiculous statement? Also, punctuation is your friend, my dear…..

  28. I will right away clutch your rss as I can not to find your email subscription hyperlink or e-newsletter service. Do you’ve any? Kindly let me realize in order that I may just subscribe. Thanks.

  29. learla says:

    Why would u say negroes u r going to jail black people normal and talented people and i, i am a black person i play the piano,basketball,track

  30. Feminazi says:

    You speak the truth, my brother. The idiot negros who get all flustered after reading this entry, and your website as a whole, do this because you are right, and they know this. Their only lame ammunition is to protest, and call you and I names! Now, look at how niggers have been treating white women lately! Whistling at us, hitting on us, trying in vain to get our phone numbers, and some, when feeling ignored can do much worse! Back long ago, these degenerates would be hanged, beaten, and probably even killed if they looked at a white woman the wrong way! For rape????!!! They’d surely be tortured and killed, unmercilessly! Today, nig men want to see how far they can go with us, and are really pushing the limits! Us white women NEED white men to defend us in times like these. Sadly, I do not see that happening. Nig men have waaay too much freedom these days, and are abusing it one hundred times over!

  31. Nik says:


    AND WILL DIE ONE DAY πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  32. Nik says:

    Black women make great wives. It is a shame their counterparts convince the world that the two genders are alike.


  33. I know MANY black men with a better education and a better job than I have, so I can only hope they are humans. Otherwise I am an animal……Gulp!

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