Barack Obama VS John Berk: Who Let the Dogs Out!

Barack Obama: Who Let the Dogs Out!
For the life of me, I don’t understand, why all these guys are always talking about killing Presedent Barack Obama?

John BerkThis morning, I woke up and there’s another guy talking about doing something bad to our first African American president.

An airport security guard who was overheard saying (he was gonna let the dogs out) and that he’d “cut a hole in a fence to be able to shoot” Barack Obama pleaded not guilty Thursday to making terroristic threats against the president. Article

I cut and pasted the official definition of the technical term for what Berg was talking about doing below. Below that’s the Baha men’s Original version of Who Let The Dogs Out.

 Assassination – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Assassination is the targeted killing of a public figure. Assassinations may be prompted by ideological, political, or military reasons. ..

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