5gl61m2r3c1-bl1ck_m1n_wh4_r1p2d_wh3t2_m2n “A black man who was convicted of sexually assaulting a teenager at gunpoint after abducting him from his driveway was sentenced Thursday to 99 years in prison,” the Houston Chronicle reported.

I found the article here. But I’d read about it a while back. Information about it has been hard to find, and the original article from the Chronicle is no longer available.

The jury also imposed a $10,000 fine on Keith Hill, who confessed to kidnapping and raping four other young men in Baytown during an eight-month spree in 2006. In a statement read in court during the punishment phase of his trial, Hill said he deeply regretted the attacks and hopes his victims “find it in their heart to forgive me.”

Hill is black. All his victims are white.

THE ZOG CONSPIRACY: Arseneo Hall: Things that make you go hmm!If you wanna see something that will make you puke, I did an Internet search on Black On White Crime using Google and went to images. These (my safe search being off) are the result I got. Jews produce most black on white porn. It’s CLEARLY a subliminal attempt to associate blacks’ SAVAGE behavior with something that it’s not.

“It would not happen if I did not have mental issues,” Hill added.

He blamed his aggressive behavior on an incident when he was 13, when a “white guy in his 40s” knocked on his door and said, “We’re going to have some fun.

Is New Black Racist Rapist On Loose? Wy don't yoy see the yearly  Black On White crime stats & decide!

Is New Black Racist Rapist On Loose? Why Don't You See Yearly Black On White Crime Stats & Decide!

” He said he screamed and ran away after the man touched his “personal areas.”

  He also said he prayed to both God and the devil for instruction and decided to attack men because “it would be less hard on them.”

 Zogging, the judge barred prosecutors from introducing photographs pulled from Hill’s home computer.

But Baytown police said the images demonstrated Hill’s fascination with porn, especially “sexual bondage with white males,” the Houston Chronicle reports.

Hill is black and all the victims are white.

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  1. DavidParis says:

    I recommend the chair.

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