Magic Negro’s “Word Game” Better Than Any Other’s; Does Nothing but Talk & Gallup Poll Says: Economy On Upswing; If Obama Plays Basketball as well as he runs his mouth, he’d break Jordon’s ankles.

Obama the Magic NegroHave you ever heard a black man speak better than Obama? I haven’t.

For me, the reality is, he’s the most well spoken black man I’ve ever heard.

Now, I’m not one of those “halfists” who’s going to say he’s only able to do it on account of his mom being white. In my book, Obama’s black.

The reality is, though, he’s  mastered the art of replication (as blacks are simian natured) better than his “brother.” All he does is talk. Nothing’s actually changed in America or, for that matter, the world.

But Obama’s “word game” (as the brothers in the ‘hood ar’e likely to call it is the best I’ve ever seen.

Just look at the Gallup Poll graphic below. Again, nothing in America’s has changed and they are already reporting the economy’s getting better.

Gallup Poll (March 2009): Economy on Upswing

If Obama plays basketball as well as he runs his mouth, he’d break Jordon’s ankles.

4 Responses to Magic Negro’s “Word Game” Better Than Any Other’s; Does Nothing but Talk & Gallup Poll Says: Economy On Upswing; If Obama Plays Basketball as well as he runs his mouth, he’d break Jordon’s ankles.

  1. god made us all says:

    Obama is not a good speaker for a black man he is a good speaker for any PERSON and i seriously doubt that you, a person who has incorrect grammar on their website, can talk half as well as the black man you so put down. Furthermore, your take on slavery is very mush incorrect. There is evidence that speaks against you in every way except one. You stated that whites were slaves in the beginning; that is true. What you failed to report was how white people (and i do not mean this to be racist it is merely scientific) could not handle the heat in the south. Their body were not made for that kind of heat or work. So the white Americans FORCED in a people who could handle the heat. But when the population of slaves got to be more than the white people the masters had to show the slaves who was boss. The lynching didn’t happen because a wrong deed was done it happened because the masters wanted the slaves to fear them so the wouldn’t start a revolt. And for my last point it is absolutely wrong to compare a human being, no matter the race of action, to an animal. So though I doubt you will change your views I ask that you reflect on what you are saying on you little blog here, reflect on how you are trying to make black people inferior to white people. And if your a christian think about where jesus was born, in Nazareth, he was not white he was brown; think about how no matter what color we are all people with beating hearts. Then answer this question: if you cut a black man would he not bleed red as you do? God created all people equal and that is stated in the Bible.

    and by the way Obama hasn’t even been in office for a year. Bush dug this country in a hole so deep it will take time for Obama to pull us out. And they report the economy is getting better because it is maybe if you would open your eyes you would see the change. Gas prices are a huge example. FYI they have gotten dramatically cheaper!!

  2. uglyamerica says:

    God made man. Blacks evolved from apes.

  3. answer this says:

    no my friend we ALL evolved from apes and thats science and its only a theory so its not a fact that any one did or didn’t evolve from apes. further more black people consist of woman and MAN just like white people and god made EVERYTHING so actually if you look at race religiously we are all related, brothers and sisters, so therefore we are all equal. black people come from god the same as white people do and one more point: jesus was a man of color. he was NOT blond haired blue eyed he was from the middle east (Bethlehem) and they are brown, colored people so if you are a christian you should think about how when you thank jesus your thanking a man of color. and that fact is proven.

  4. Ted MenQuinn says:

    No, Jesus was not a man of color. There is no scriptural evidence to support this assertion. It’s a lie. God created all men & women. We are all His creation though no ALL HIS children.

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