Hard Decision: Our Kids Want to Extend our Obama Inauguration & MLK Day “BLACKOUTS” to Include No Black History Month This Year (2009)

This is probably one of the harder decisions we’ve had to make when it comes to our kids.

This morning they came to me and said they wanted to extend our Obama Inauguration Black Out & MLK Day Boycott to Include the Black History Month.

When I asked them why, they said it was because they now agreed that Obama was only president because he’s black.

We’ve got three kids: Duke, Critter and Amy. Critter’s thirteen. Duke’s eleven and Amy is 7.

Critter’s a riot! His high spirits keep us laughing all day long!

After some thought, we, me and my wife (Peggy), agreed. We agreed because it is the right thing to do and the right lesson and value to teach: DON’T STAND IN SUPPORT POLITICAL STUPIDITY.

Before any of you start playing your race cards, me and the wife have ALWAYS stressed to our kids the IMPORTANCE of treating black people the same as you treat anyone else.

Anytime we pass blacks on the street Peggy always points them out and reminds OUR KIDS they shouldn’t see the NO DIFFERENTLY than our neighbors’ kids or any other white children they play with.

Not only that, but every year we’ve taken our kids out to see the dancing, hear the bands and participate in the festivities on MLK day. NOTE TO RACISTS THIS IS THE FIRST YEAR OUR FAMILY HAS NOT ATTENDED!

Our children go to school with blacks and we have always talked about the importance of learning something new every Black History Month.

Every October we drive them over to Statesboro for the Cotton Pickin’ Harvest Festival and explain that heritage to them too.

So their thoughtful request of us this morning couldn’t have come as a bigger surprise.

Me and Peggy talked about what they were asking and, quite frankly, couldn’t be prouder. It took a lot of careful political thought and COURAGE for them to approach us with this and it IS for the right reasons.

Since our kids attend a public school, we’ve decided to keep them at home this February. Peggy’s going to write the school a letter stating our and our kids’ position.

When she’s done it, I’ll update our blog.

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